Mohajeran Sarouk

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11'8" x 16'3" - 356cm x 495cm
C 1920
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Excellent-no restoration
$22,000 USD
Sarouk, a small village and its neighboring villages in northwestern Iran are the source of large numbers rugs imported into the United States. The Sarouk carpet production came into existence around 1880 specifically for the European and North American markets. Before 1920s the Sarouk design was similar to that of the rug weaving centers of Ferahan and Tabriz. Most Sarouk rugs followed a very distinctive design and it depended on floral sprays and bouquets. Mohajeran refers to another village where rugs are produced. The term Mahajaran Sarouk identifies a rug that was woven after the period of Ferahan Sarouks and before the period of "American" Sarouks and they are of higher quality then the rugs that where made after the 1920s.