Antique Persian Sarouk Carpet, Wedding Rug

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8'9" x 12'1" - 267cm x 368cm
C 1930
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Very good
Up on request
Step into a world of timeless elegance with our captivating Antique Persian Sarouk Carpet, a splendid wedding rug from Northwest Persia. This masterpiece, measuring a generous 8'9" x 12'1", bears the essence of history and artistry, woven into every thread. Crafted around 1930, this rug boasts the finest wool, creating a sumptuous experience underfoot. The intricate design unfolds against a mesmerizing blue background, a canvas that showcases traditional floral motifs in all their splendor. The weaving quality is unparalleled, a testament to the skilled hands that brought this masterpiece to life. Its remarkable condition, enhanced by professional cleaning, ensures that its beauty shines resplendently. Sarouk carpets hold a special place in the realm of antique rugs, renowned for their curvilinear vine scrolls, opulent arabesques, and regional bouquet-filled designs. Hailing from the heart of Northwest Persia, this rug encapsulates the rich tapestry of Persian carpet-weaving traditions. Elevate your living space with this highly decorative rug, where history meets sophistication. Its grand dimensions make it a perfect fit for your major living area, transforming it into a sanctuary of art and comfort. Despite its remarkable quality and heritage, this Antique Sarouk Carpet is reasonably priced, offering you the opportunity to own a piece of the past without compromise. Envelop yourself in the allure of this rug's intricate patterns and vibrant colors, allowing its presence to elevate your space. Invite the stories of generations past to unfold beneath your feet and embark on a journey that bridges the gap between eras, cultures, and aesthetics.