Antique Persian Heriz Carpet, The Best Size

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7'7" x 10'5" - 231cm x 318cm
C 1920
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Very good
Introducing our stunning Antique Northwest Persian Heriz Carpet, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry. This exquisite rug, measuring 7' x 10'5" and dating back to the 1920s, is like a captivating painting for your floor, crafted from natural dyed wool. A charming antique Heriz carpet, it boasts a vibrant array of outstanding colors that are nothing short of a visual delight. Just like a great painting is measured by the beauty of its colors, this rug shines with a captivating palette that will transform any space it graces. Heriz rugs hail from the region of Heriz in East Azerbaijan, known for their durability and hard-wearing nature. These rugs are renowned for their longevity, often lasting for generations. In fact, 19th-century examples of Heriz carpets are frequently featured in auctions by major houses in the United States and Europe, a testament to their enduring appeal. This Heriz carpet is not just a work of art; it's a piece of history and culture that enriches your living space. Its good condition, with secured ends and sides, and a foundation free from cracking or dryness, attests to its quality and care. Professionally cleaned and ready to enhance any room, its size makes it a versatile choice that can complement a variety of spaces. As you invite this Antique Northwest Persian Heriz Carpet into your home, you're not just acquiring a rug; you're welcoming a piece of artistry and tradition that will continue to captivate and inspire for generations to come.