Antique Persian Halwai Bidjar Runner,

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3'5" x 14'5" - 104cm x 439cm
C 1880
Wool pile, wool warp & weft
Very Good
A dynamic and exciting composition, this gorgeous late 19th century Bidjar runner from the 1880s showcases some of the finer qualities exhibited by the Persian iron rug of Iran. This antique Bijar is a historical rug woven in the village of Halwai, North-East of Bijar. This Halwai Persian Bidjar is immersed in Persian culture and reflects first-class prestige, a true collector’s piece. This beautifully detailed Persian Bijar boasts an ornate elaborate all-over pattern, rendered in exquisite detail. The intricate finials seem to float majestically within its abashed red open field. The refined palette consists of variegated shades of red, navy blue and sky blue, blush, beige and ivory. The Herati motif dances gracefully throughout the this antique Bijar, complementing its impeccable details with a profound sense of luxury. Usually woven between 250 and 400 knots per inch, the pile is incredibly dense and strong, leading to Bidjar renowned nickname "Iron rugs of Persia". This enticing piece is no exception. It possesses all of the qualities; however, in addition to its resilient foundation, this particular Bidjar rug is characterized by an absolutely soft and durable wool because of its higher knot count. Bijars are considered some of the highest quality, longest lasting rugs in the world. Many talisman and village weavers use representation and symbolism while never abandoning their connection with Mother Nature. The Herati motif is widely used in Iran and it is believed to represent the small fishes come up just beneath the surface of the water to swim in the full moon’s reflection. A striking composition, this antique Bidjar rug from Iran (Persian) is as eternally alluring as it is impeccably woven. Measures: 3'5" x 14'5".