Very Fine Aubusson Tapestry

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2'4" x 2'6" - 71cm x 76cm


C 1930
Wool & silk pile, cotton warp & weft
Indulge in the legacy of exquisite craftsmanship with our captivating Aubusson tapestry, a testament to the centuries-old tradition of this artistry born in the heart of France. Nestled in the enchanting upper valley of the Creuse, the intricate process of weaving an Aubusson tapestry is a true marvel, a symphony of creativity and skill that produces resplendent decorative wall hangings, rugs, and even furniture pieces. With a history dating back to the 16th century, Aubusson garnered renown for its lavish carpets and tapestries that graced royal residences. A distinct style of weaving emerged, skillfully employing depth perception to conjure visually arresting textiles that transcend mere décor. Our exceptional late 19th-century Aubusson tapestry, measuring 2'4" x 2'6", stands as a pinnacle of beauty and refinement. In impeccable condition, this piece is destined to adorn either furniture or wall space, radiating its timeless elegance. The narrative woven within depicts the paradox of strength and vulnerability—capturing the essence of a captured beast, juxtaposed with the spirited glee of a small, delicate creature. The color palette of ivory, green, blue, rose, and orange is a harmonious symphony, each hue breathing life into the intricate design. Immerse yourself in the delicacy of the weaving, as every thread tells a tale of artistry and emotion. Embrace the allure of this Aubusson masterpiece, where the hands of skilled artisans have transformed wool into a canvas of emotion and beauty. Invite history and art into your space, as this tapestry encapsulates the essence of the past while seamlessly fitting into contemporary elegance. Let this timeless treasure redefine your décor, captivating the senses and inviting admiration for generations to come.