Unusual Qashgai Runner

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3'0" x 12'0" - 91cm x 366cm
C 1880
Wool pile, wool warp & weft
The Qashgai nomads are found in the Fars province in the southwest of Iran. They move twice a year, between the winter pasture near the Persian Gulf and the summer pasture up in the Zagros mountains where it is much cooler. The carpets have a typical red-brown ground color. The pattern is tied from memory and often consists of a centrally placed medallion, repeated in all four corners. Humans, four legged animals, birds, trees and flowers are popular elements. Qashgai carpets consist of a hexagon or diamond with four projecting hooks inside of a hooked diamond. Some Qashgai pieces have the Hebatlu design (Hebatlu is the name of one of the one of the smaller Qashgai tribes) and it consists of circular central medallion, and smaller designs similar to the central medallion repeated on each of the four corners of the carpet. Technical specifications: Pile: Wool yarn. Weft: Wool or goat hair yarn, usually two wefts after each row of knots. Warp: Wool or goat hair yarn. Knot: Symmetrical. Measures: 3' x 12'.