Stunning Antique Kermanshah, Gallery Size

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5'5" x 11'4" - 165cm x 345cm
C 1880
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Amazing Antique Persian Kermanshah gallery carpet. Depict with bids of happiness the peacock. Kirman was a very important antique rug weaving centre dating from the Golden Age of Persian culture under the Safavid dynasty in the 16th century, on a par with Tabriz and Kashan in esteem. The color palette of Laver Kirman antique Persian rugs is unusually soft and delicate with a European grace. The weavers had access to the prized and extremely expensive cochineal dye which yielded the rich Renaissance blue-reds found in antique Kirman carpets, rather than the rust red found in other antique Persian rugs. The use of soft gold and yellows juxtaposed against small areas of deep, almost black indigo dyes as well as a range of soft pinks, greens, and blues give Laver Kirman antique Oriental rugs their unique and popular color palette.