An Isfahan Carpet

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9'10" x 15'3" - 300cm x 465cm
Mid 19th century
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Very Good - minor restorations
Upon request
The rug depicts a scene of nature including water, fauna, flowers in vases and a tree of life. The colors in this rug provide a feeling of harmony with the total design of the rug. The sensation that you are left with is that one common denominator keeps all the scenarios bound together. . In the sixteenth and seventeenth century this region was very prolific in designing and producing carpets mainly because this city was also the capital of Persia back to Safavid time and famous Shah Abbas with his art and architectural design . This craft has picked up again in the twenty century and the rugs reflect the traditional designs of this area that include architectural medallions and scenes from the Persian literature with delicate pattern of arabesque tendrils, palmettos and cloud bends. Many rug designs are harmonious and seem to retain within one carpet the designer’s view of nature. Some of the greatest rugs made in Persia with the help of master weaver like Sedgh Seirafian.