Antique Kermanshah Rug, Tree Of Life Wedding Rug

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2'0" x 2'8" - 61cm x 81cm
C 1880
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Up on request
Discover the allure of the Kermanshah or Laver Kerman rug, a Southeast Persian treasure that captures a pictorial narrative of the Qajar kingdom. These rugs originate from a rich tradition dating back to the 16th century Safavid dynasty, marking Kerman as a significant Persian rug weaving center, alongside Tabriz and Kashan. Laver Kirman antique Persian rugs are distinguished by their uniquely soft and delicate color palette, infused with a European elegance. Crafted during the late 19th century, this 24" x 32" beauty showcases a central medallion adorned with a harmonious array of multi-colors, creating a versatile piece suitable for various rooms. In fair to good condition considering its age, this Kermanshah carpet exhibits wear consistent with its historical use. Owning a Laver Kirman rug is like owning a piece of living history, a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era. As you invite this masterpiece into your home, you embrace not just a rug but a glimpse into a time when weaving was a form of storytelling and cultural expression. This rug is an exquisite bridge between history and modern aesthetics, offering a timeless elegance that resonates through the ages. A great size for large living or dining room.