Antique Amritsar/ Agra Carpet, 10' x 13'

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10'0" x 13'0" - 305cm x 396cm


C 1880
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Very good
An antique Amritsar carpet that was woven in India around the turn of the 20th century. Characterized by beautifully precise line work as well as a charmingly muted pallet of pale pink and gold, this Amritsar carpet exemplifies some of the finest qualities of the style. Classically composed, this Indian carpet features beautiful border sections as well as a generously proportioned field. A bare band of pale ivory surrounds the perimeter of the piece, its simplicity a lovely contrast to the complexity that characterizes the remainder of the composition. A pair of relatively narrow inner and outer borders surround a larger primary border, each of which is meticulously decorated with comely floral detail work. The pattern that unfolds over the surface of the field is also floral - here, complex buds and intricate vine scrolls of pink and gold are set against the ivory field, with the most prominent lingering impression being one of delicate precision. A beautiful composition, this antique Indian Amritsar carper is an exceptional example.