Antique American Hooked Rug

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3'3" x 4'9" - 99cm x 145cm


C 1880
Flatweave, wool warp & weft
The production of Hooked rugs began in the 1840s. Measures: 3.3" x 4.9". The materials consisted of linen, flax, hemp, and eventually imported Indian jute. The most common design found in the earliest rugs was floral, expanding to include scenes and even an images of peoples’ pets. Hooked rugs have a variable pile, depending upon the lengths of yarn used, and the designs are increasingly complex. These rugs are flat on the bottom and not reversible. Hand made by housewives and local craft makers, American hooked rugs are folksy works of art that are functional too. Hand-hooked rugs feature a beautiful variety of local motifs, patriotic patterns and simple geometric figures that have a whimsical new world style. This original handcrafting technique produces lovely textures and stylized patterns that are delicate and charming. The nubby shoe-peg loops and marbled variegation emphasizes the unique style and rich textures of these important handcrafts. These exuberant and expressive handcrafts feature formal bouquet medallions and daring designs that range from dazzling to delicate. This unique construction technique and the improvisational design method give antique hooked rugs a rustic simplicity.