A Sarouk Feraghan Carpet

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10'0" x 13'3" - 305cm x 404cm
C 1880
Wool pile, cotton warp & weft
Very Good
Upon request
Sarouk Feraghan This rug consist of an allover medallions that have in their center a design of seeds that symbolize the rebirth of humanity and this collage is surrounded by birds that are the guardians of these seeds within the frame world of the universe. The wide spectrum of colors is muted and well balanced. Feraghan were made between the 1800s and 1910s from a region north of the town of Arak and they were produced for the Persian aristocracy and for export to US and Europe. Feraghan-Sarouk, also called Sarouk, is double-wafted, heavier carpets with a higher knot count than the ones made in the village of Sultanabad. Fields are often blue, ivory or terracotta and designs typically feature either large medallions or representations of trees and birds.