Vibrant Belouch Rug

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3'2" x 5'2" - 97cm x 157cm
C 1930
Wool pile, wool warp & weft
The Baluchi people where a tribe of nomads that migrated from region near the Caspian sea to the area of southern Soviet central Asia, Afghanistan Khorasan province of Iran and Pakistan and they speak Persian Farsi language. Their rugs display color and structural features that are more akin to Turkoman weaves and yet designed like Caucasian and Persian rugs. Their wool is lustrous quality, we can see this fine quality in this Belouch rug and it design known as Mina Khani and the weave of this rug should tell that the Balluchi are also great weavers. 3'2" x 5'2" amazing unique Belouch Oriental rug, excellent condition. This is an authentic handmade rug. It was made in Central Asia around the 1930s or before. The overall color pallet is blue tones. The materials are wool pile with wool foundation. The colors are from vegetable dyes and the general pattern is geometric design inside two borders. The overall condition is good, especially when its age is taken into consideration. There are no tears, breaks or holes. The side bindings are intact and original. The ends are bound. The pile is high. The rug has been professionally washed.